About Us

Our company mission is to provide to small businesses a main entry to the digital world.

Our motto is to live and understand your project. Together we will seek alternatives to make your business feasible on the web, social media, and blogs, with affordable solutions and through partnerships

It is a task which demands compromise and engagement, and the customer should actively participate in the whole process, after all, no one knows best your business than yourself.

It is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and experience new ways to make business through cooperation and compromising.

Thais Brait

Majored in Marketing, Publicity, and Advertising (Unimep - Universidade Metodista), she focused her professional practice in corporate marketing, where she was responsible for the strategic planning and budget supervision for trade shows, corporate events, projects, training, international trips, and so forth.

She holds an MBA degree in Business Management (FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and Marketing and International Business (Dallas University and IPEP - Instituto Paulista de Ensino e Pesquisa).

Her experience and professional background entitle her to develop and manage all types of commercial and business activities, and she is presently focused on providing small businesses a main entry to the digital world, making feasible for small companies to enter the digital world.

Married and mother of two daughters, she is not only seeking professional development and success, but also general community well-being and a more humanized world. Therefore, she acts as a volunteer in the development of projects for companies focused on social responsibility, entrepreneurship, gender equality, sustainability, for both nonprofit and cooperative organizations.